January 16, 2021

Writing a Good Resume: Tips and Tricks to Use in 2020

Tricks to Use When Writing a Good Resume

The job searching process can leave you so exhausted that you might be tempted to recycle an old resume. Besides, writing a resume for each job is a tedious process and ask about writemyessayonline. The problem with sending the same resume to every job is that each job often has unique requirements, and recycling the same resume will not work to highlight specific skills and experiences that make you stand out.

If you are filling an online job application using an old resume means you may not have relevant keywords that will ensure an automatic system does not reject your document. So should you always craft a new resume for each job you intend to apply? Of course not.

The trick is to have a resume template then customize it based on a specific job position. With a master copy in hand, every time you need to apply for a job, you can simply transfer the key points that match the job description. That way, you can be sure your document looks professional and fits the needs of a particular company. Here are more tips and tricks to use and ensure your resume is flawless and showcases your professionalism.

Read Through Successful Resume Samples

Resume examples are your ticket to understanding certain aspects that all recruiters in your industry are looking for. Those relevant to your field act as sources of inspiration and give you an idea of which format and structure to follow. Some of the essential elements to pay more attention to when reading a resume sample include;

  • Summary
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills

Keep in mind that your resume may have more or fewer categories. However, these are the standard sections in all industries and jobs. A sample is also useful, giving you a clue about which information is missing from your resume and how best to explain the value you will bring to the organization within a few words.

Do Not Exceed Two Pages

Yes, you may have a lot to say about yourself, but you only have a few minutes to make a lasting first impression on a recruiter. So limit your resume to two pages and use the word count to emphasize relevant and recent experiences. Tailoring your resume to the advertised job position will also help you be brief and stick to the standard limit.

Highlight your Achievement

Did you know that recruiters spend less than 7 minutes reviewing each resume? Often a hiring manager will scan the document and briefly use the job title, education, and experience to determine if you are the right candidate.

One of the best ways to highlight your experiences and achievements is to quantify them. Use numbers to back what you are saying. For instance, explain how many people you supervised or state the number of products you sold that helped you achieve the set target. This works to impress an employer and prove you can get the work done.

Use a Professional Email

It is easy for a recruiter not to take you seriously if you have a funny email address. Use a professional email that includes your official names.

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