January 16, 2021

How to Overcome Assignment Development Essay Challenges

Assignment Development Essay: How to Ace It

When a teacher assigns an assignment that requires the student to write about a development essay, it can be confusing, especially if more details are not included. Furthermore, development can mean different things to different people. Hence in most cases, a learner might decide to craft an essay based on how they understand it.

Regardless of how you understand the assignment, a professor will expect every student to hand in exceptional work if they hope to get good grades. If you are not confident with the knowledge you have on the topic or your writing skills, chances are high you might submit a substandard paper. To avoid that, use these tips to overcome any writing challenges and complete your assignment before the deadline.

Have a Great Introduction and Conclusion

A teacher will judge your essay based on whether the introduction is intriguing enough to be motivated to read until the end. If the key points are not included, your essay might look disorganized and result in a low score. The trick to composing a quality development essay is to have a catchy introduction. Use a hook in the opening sentence and add a thesis statement to showcase what the paper will be discussing and why that assignment is important.

Avoid any overly used quotes or rhetoric questions. Keep the thesis within two sentences and in the last section of the introduction. Rephrase the main points given in the introduction and ensure they provide a definite answer to the assignment question. Ensure both your introduction and conclusion are compelling and concise.

Use an Essay Structure Accepted in All Academic Levels

While there are several essay structure that you can use to organize your assignment, go for that which allows you to make a convincing argument. An assignment development essay is likely to have a good score if the claims made are supported with recent scholarly literature appropriate in that field.

Using appropriate sources shows that you acknowledge the authors that have published research that has contributed to your discipline. It also showcases you understand the rules of plagiarism and want to deliver original content.

In case the development assignment is an argument essay use the structure which allows you to present one side of the argument first then another one before stating which side you support.

To avoid getting penalized for passing other author's work as your own, cite all paraphrased material appropriately using a citation style accepted in your discipline. After completing the assignment, take an extra step and pass it through a modern plagiarism checker, and only if it is 100% unique should you confidently hand it to a teacher.


Students tend to proofread their work in a hurry because they assume they crafted a quality essay devoid of errors. If you edit your composition immediately after you have finished writing it, you may end up not seeing some mistakes. This is a mistake because one grading criterion that a professor will always check is grammar, structure, and logic flow of information. Take time to edit your development essay or ask a professional for help.

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