January 16, 2021

How to Ace an Assignment Definition Essay

Tricks and Tips to Writing an Assignment Definition Essay

When a teacher assigns a definition essay, they expect a student to give a detailed explanation of a certain term. In most cases, the assignment may involve supporting the definition with concrete examples. Since a definition of a particular word can vary from one person to another, this assignment is often difficult to write.

If a professor has already chosen the topic, and you do not understand the word, you might have to set aside time to understand the meaning of composing a high scoring definition essay. Here are some tricks and tips to adhere to when writing this academic task.

Go for a Word with a Complex Meaning

When given an assignment definition essay with the freedom to choose a topic, most students rush for easy words. Depending on the professor, a definition essay can be more than a page. Picking an easy word makes it hard to explain its definition for more than a page. In fact, you might find that by the time you have written half a page, you have no more information to give. Submitting an essay that is less than the stipulated word count often results in a low grade because it will be less informative and fail to cover the topic thoroughly.

On the other hand, a word with a complex meaning will provide you with more material to write about. The trick is to go for has a significant background and a rich historical origin. This will give you a lot of room to write a definition essay that is informative and impressive.

The Word Should be Disputable

The right word to focus your definition essay should be complex but disputable. This is because a definition essay is subjective, must have depth, showcase extensive analytical skills, and requires the student to analyze a word based on their perception. You will know you have failed to choose the right word to define if the essay you have composed is one-sided and gives the same information as anyone else.

Choose Something Familiar

Students tend to see assignment definition essays hard because they want to look unique. Hence they go for a word they have no background information in. The problem with this strategy is that it makes the writing process challenging, and you might find that the deadline has already reached, yet you have barely completed the assignment.

Besides, a dictionary will only give you a basic definition. You must carry out extensive research to understand the word and support your ideas with scholarly material. Choosing a word you are familiar with makes the writing more manageable and less time consuming as you will already have the basic knowledge or concepts.

Include All the Elements

A quality definition essay that gets a high score will have all the essential elements. This includes separating the word and analyzing each part, using a negation, classifying the word, or comparing it to an unfamiliar term. You can also opt to explain the physical traits and add vivid images and stories to help the reader understand the word better.

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